Sep 16, 2013

Cell Block Compilation: Face/Off(1998)

A1 Too Short , E-40 Intro
A2 Ant Banks , Bad N Fluenz The Bomb
A3 Mac Mall One Way
A4 Spice 1 , Ginuwine Would You Ride For Me
A5 Junior M.A.F.I.A. , Biggie Young G's Perspective
A6 Too Short Stay With Me
A7 MC Breed Am I Dreaming
A8 2Pac , Spice 1 I Can't Turn Back
A9 Mr. ILL Don't Be Fakin' The Funk
A10 FM Blue Sex You Up
A11 Father Dom Pimpin' Ain't A Thang
Bass - Shorty B
Co-producer - Father Dom
Keyboards - Pee-Wee
Producer - Dangerous Crew, The
A12 E.T. Why You Wanna

B1 CJ Mac The Hustle & The Grind
B2 Unique (10) , Silky You Can Keep The Bullshit With Her
B3 San Quinn Really Doe
B4 Cali Bay Confusion Two
B5 B-Legit , Ant Diddley Dog Face To Face
B6 Mr. Malik Red Hot
B7 Ant Banks , MC Breed Money Don't Make A Man
B8 3x Krazy Smooth Get Away
B9 Bad N Fluenz Success Is Guaranteed
Producer - Terry T
B10 Da-Da Killa For The Scrill
B11 J-Dubb Money Is The Key
B12 Wanita Jackson Thank You

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