Jul 15, 2013

Dana Dane ‎– Rollin' Wit Dana Dane (1995)

Once Again
In Da Mix
Rollin’ Wit Dane
Booty Call
Record Jock
Ain’t No Love (Interlude)
Mama Told Me
Show Me Love
Fort Greene (S)Killz
Ain’t No Love

Jeffrey Valentine-Claimin' Ma City (1996)

01. Claimin' Ma City
02. Ride Yo Pony
03. I'd Rather Be With You
04. Funky For You
05. Pimpin' Ain't Easy
06. Pretty Brown Round
07. What That Girl Need
08. Hurry Don't Wait
09. Always A Lady
10. Ms. Perfection
11. That Grand Rapidian
12. It's Friday
13. Funky For You ( Remix)
14. Player Hater
15. Gigolos Get Lonely Too