Nov 6, 2013

E-Dawg- Platinum (1999)

1.Journey Feat. Loon-E-Toon
2.No More Tears Feat. Money B ¤
3.Shackles Feat. Sir-Mix-a-Lot & Franccen
4.Coolin' Feat. Loon-E-Toon & Francce
5.Wanna Ride Feat. E Ness
6.Eye For An Eye Feat. Francce
7.Crackin' Feat. Travy Trav, Dick Bone, Smokey The Last Emperor
8.Sexxxin Feat. DUBL
9.Throw 'Em Up Feat. Smokey The Last Emperor
10.Gots To Get Paid feat DUBL, Loon-E-Toon

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